When Nick Randall played lacrosse for Randolph College in Lynchburg, Virginia, he and his teammates weren’t just focused on wins and losses; they were there to build a program. The experience had its challenges, but it was transformational and taught Nick lessons he uses every day.

Nick was recruited to the school’s then-brand-new lacrosse team and discovered he was a natural leader. He quickly became team captain, a role which included recruiting prospects to a team that was still building its credibility. Nick had to convince recruits that, while they might not win many games at first, they were building something bigger than themselves. Ultimately, Nick and his team found strength through comradery.

For Nick, that experience reinforced the value of teamwork, shaped him as a leader and provided sales and recruiting experience. Nick still plays lacrosse, and he’s a force on TrueLine’s intramural teams. When he’s not playing lacrosse, Nick loves playing and listening to music, spending time with friends, golfing and playing tennis.

Fun facts:

Curious About: Alternative Medicine

Favorite Portland bar/restaurant: Ruskis!

Couldn’t live without: Jokes

Karaoke song: Say It Ain’t So by Weezer

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