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Try to think of 3 adjectives that describe you.

It’s hard, right? Now, try to tell your own story — even harder.

TrueLine researchers help you find a topic you want people to know about. It could be a new product or a project you’re working on, or a new executive whose presence is going to make a big difference for your business. Then, you get to work with a bright, creative team of writers to get your message across in style and format that makes it very likely to be read by clients, colleagues and people you never thought you could reach before—in short, new clients.

Our Team

Sean O'Reilly.

Director of Professional Development

Christine Fisher.


Erica Berry.

Director of Digital Marketing

Gregg Palermino.

Ad Sales

Drew Taylor.

Content Coordinator

Emma Gregg.


Kyle Gahm.

Content Coordinator

Ross Fields.

Content Coordinator


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